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Did you know 78% of dogs and 68% of cats over the age of 3 suffer from Dental Disease? Here at Newton Vets we take oral health seriously. We have an Ultrasonic Scaler, as seen in the photo above cleaning the dog's teeth. We do not believe in manual scaling as this can cause scratches to the tooth enamel. We also have an Electric Tooth Polisher to polish the teeth after the tartar has been scaled off.

Sometimes, the teeth need to be extracted due to fractures, the tooth root being exposed or tooth root abscesses. Newton Vets has a Brand New High Speed Dental Drill to help aid with quick and easy tooth extractions. Again, we do not believe in manually extracting them as this is time consuming and causes the animal to be under anaesthetic for far longer than they should be.

We also perform dentistry on Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. This is usually because their incisors grow too long or they grow spurs on their back cheek teeth that lacerate their cheeks and cause anorexia.

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